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Information related to agriculture is collected, processed and disseminated by the Agriculture and Environment Statistics Division of the Department of Census and Statistics. Statistics collected by the Division include extent and production of Paddy, other seasonal and permanent crops, livestock and cost of production. Census of Agriculture is also conducted by this division once in 10 years. The Last Census of Agriculture was conducted in the year 2002.


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Census of Agriculture 2002 - Materials

Rice is the staple food of the community in Sri Lanka. Paddy crops are cultivated as wetland crop in all the districts. There are two cultivation seasons namely; Maha and Yala which are synonymous with two monsoons. The Maha Season falls during the "North-east monsoon" from September to March in the following year,while the yala season is effective during the period from April to end of August. The particular season is defined by when the crop is sown and harvested during the above periods. However, the entire area devoted to paddy cultivation is not to various reasons, such as a shortage of water during the seasons,etc.

Paddy extent: The extent of paddy cultivation,including land prepared for cultivation (asweddumized), sown, and harvested,has been recorded on a complete enumeration basis in 1951. This method of data collection has been continued each season with the active cooperation of the Agricultural Research and Production Assistants (A.R.P.O)/Grama Niladari(GN) who act as primary reporters.
Average yield of paddy: The average yield of paddy in Sri Lanka at the district level is estimated through a sample survey known as "the crop cutting survey" which was initiated with the assistance of FAO in 1951. Currently a sample of 4,000 paddy tracks for the main season (Maha) and 4,000 paddy tracts for the second (Yala) are selected for experimentation.
Paddy production: The estimate of paddy production is obtained for each season by multiplying the harvested acreage by the average yield.
Statistical Tables
  1. 1. Sown and harvested extent, average yield and production of paddy by District
    Imperial Units
    Metric Units
    2023 Yala View View
    2022/2023 Maha View View
    2022 Yala View View
    2021/2022 Maha View View
    2021 Yala View View
    2020/2021 Maha View View
    2020 Yala View View
    2019/2020 Maha View View
    2019 Yala View View
    2018/2019 Maha View View
    2018 Yala View View
    2017/2018 Maha View View
    2017 Yala View View
    2016/2017 Maha View View
    2016 Yala View View
    2015/2016 Maha View View
    2015 Yala View View
    2014/2015 Maha View View
    2014 Yala View View
    2013/2014 Maha View View
    2013 Yala View View
    2012/2013 Maha View View
    2012 Yala View View
    2011/2012 Maha View View
    2011 Yala View View
    2010/2011 Maha View View
    2010 Yala View View
    2009/2010 Maha View View
    2009 Yala View View
    2008/2009  Maha View View
    2008  Yala View View
    2007/2008  Maha View View
    2007 Yala View View
    2006/2007  Maha View View
    2006 Yala View View
    2005 / 2006 Maha View View
    2005 Yala View View
    2004 / 2005 Maha View View
  2. 2.Paddy Statistics
  3. 3. Paddy extent sown and harvested, average yield and production - National Level
  4. 4. Paddy extent sown and harvested by district
  5. 5. Paddy average yield and production by district
  6. 6. Paddy extent Asweddumized, sown and harvested by District / Divisional Secretariat Division
Agriculture and Environmental Statistics Division
Department of Census and Statistics, Colombo, Sri Lanka.