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As the central government agency of producing official statistics, DCS provides services to the government, its agencies private sector and the general public in their data and information needs.

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Access the licensed microdata a files of DCS by sending a duly filled DRA form, project proposal and a recommendation letter

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Register in our online Microdata Catalog, Lanka Datta and access household survey sample data files which are made available for downloading and are ideal to be used in acamadic endavour.

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Request DCS produced data other than those are published in the website, microdata and geo-spartial data by sending an email to

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Access a comprehensive array of data & knowledge banks from DCS and its partners.

Latest News

17th August, 2023

The 15th Census of Population and Housing 2023/24

The 15th Population and Housing Census is scheduled to take place in 2023/24. The listing phase of the census is set to commence in late 2023, followed by the enumeration phase in 2024.  Read more

17th August, 2023

Household Survey on the Impact of Economic Crisis - 2023

Sri Lanka is currently experiencing one of its biggest economic crises since its independence in 1948 due to the Easter Attack in 2019 which worsened with the COVID 19 pandemic.   Read more

18th August, 2023

Measuring the Impact of Economic Crisis (2022) on SMEs: A Quick Survey

On the request of Presidential Secretariat, the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) embarked on a comprehensive survey designed to probe the far-reaching consequences of the prevailing economic crisis on the landscape of small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) in the months of May and June 2023.   Read more