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Data Dissemination

Data Dissemination refers to releasing or making available of data obtained from statistical activities such as Surveys or Census to users through various forms and media. As the central government agency of producing official statistics, DCS provides services to the Government, its agencies,private sector and the general public in their data and information needs under two approaches.

Proactive Dissemination - DCS provides access to the official statistical publications and datasets readily available on its main website electronically and from the Departmental sales counter for printed publications.

Reactive Dissemination - Whenever data users with advanced statistical requirements to obtain data other than those of already published material, DCS facilitates to release such data on request-basis. Data Dissemination Unit of the Department is responsible for coordinating the requests, providing necessary guidance and provision of data for the requests made to the DCS. FAQ section provides more specific information about how to find the data on the Departmental website, how to request data for special requirements where they are not posted on the website or as printed material and related issues and of the Acts and Policies under which the data can be requested and their limitations.