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Department of Census and Statistics

National Accounts

Since the year 2007, the Department of Census and Statistics has been authorized to compile National Accounts of Sri Lanka.

In this history, the base year was revised several times to 1958, 1963, 1975, 1990 and 2002. Under the previous National Accounts series, the combination of recommendations of "1968 System of National Accounts" and "1993 System of National Accounts" were used. National Accounts Statistics compiled by the DCS includes production, expenditure, cost components, distribution of national income, external transactions, supply and disposition, consolidated accounts on production and expenditure, capital finance and rest of the world statistics and etc. Those statistics are released with 75 days time lag. Until the year 2015, National Accounts were estimated using year 2002 as the base year.

TIn 2015, the base year was moved to 2010 with the objectives of enhancing the accuracy of constant price estimates and represent the real economic structure of Sri Lankan economy. In the rebasing process several improvements were made to the Sri Lankan System of National Accounts such as adoption of international classifications and adoption of SNA 2008 compilation methodologies. Accordingly, from the first quarter of 2015, the National Accounts are compiled with the 2010 as the base year. Until the fourth quarter 2015, National Accounts will be continued to compile for 2002 base year series as well.

This page contains the National Accounts statistics for the new series (base year 2010)

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