Supply and Use Tables

Supply and Use table 2010 (SUT) (Last updated on 2017/01/09)

Supply and Use Table (SUT), Symmetric Input-Output tables (SIOTs), Excel based tool to analyze the economy and Note on SUT, SIOTs and analysis for the year 2010 has been released.

The supply Table represents how supply is generated by domestic production and imports while the Use table shows how these supply is used as Intermediate consumption, Final consumption, Capital formation, and exports. These two tables clearly match supply and use for wide range of products and industries. This process leads to improve the system by identifying data gaps and limitations. Therefore, the SUT is a solid tool to balance GDP by all three approaches without having any discrepancy.

SUT is transformed in to Symmetric Input and Output Tables (SIOTs) and it can be used for economic analysis. There are two versions of SIOTs as Industry by Industry and Product by Product based on used assumptions in the transformation process and two other versions as Competitive and Non-Competitive based on the way of identifying uses of imported products. Before download you should have a clear idea about the selection.

Economic multipliers was estimated using the Model D; Industry by Industry SIOT and these multipliers can be used to impact analysis of any kind of projects. Excel based impact analysis tool is also uploaded along with the tables for the use of policy makers.

Effective Rate of Protection (ERP) is one another policy tool that can be used to evaluate international trade policies and to determine countries orientation in the trade policies. The excel file of Nominal Rate of Protection (NRP) and Effective Rate of Protection (ERP) rates for 2010 can be downloaded.

Download here (SIOT ERP and other tools)

Download presentations presented December 21, 2016 (PPTs)