Table AA: Sri Lanka Sector Classification
Code Description Abbreviation note
S1     Total economy  
S11     Non Financial Corporations NFC
  S111     Public NFCs   PNFC
  S112     National Private NFCs   NPNFC
  S113     Foreign Controlled NFCs   FCNFC
S12     Financial Corporations FC
  S121     Central Bank CBFC
  S122     Depository Taking Corporations DTCFC
    S1221     Public PDTCFC
    S1222     National Private NPDTCFC
    S1223     Foreign Controlled FCDTCFC
  S123     Other Financial Intermediaries OFIFC
    S1251     Public POFIFC
    S1252     National Private NPOFIFC
    S1253     Foreign Controlled FCOFIFC
  S124     Financial Auxiliaries FAFC
    S1261     Public PFAFC
    S1262     National Private NPFAFC
    S1263     Foreign Controlled FCFAFC
  S125     Captive Financial Institutions & Money lenders CFIFC
    S1271     Public PCFIFC
    S1272     National Private NPCFIFC
    S1273     Foreign Controlled FCCFIFC
  S126     Insurance corporations ICFC
    S1281     Public PICFC
    S1282     National Private NPICFC
    S1283     Foreign Controlled FCICFC
  S127     Pension Funds PFFC
    S1291     Public PPFFC
    S1292     National Private NPPFFC
    S1293     Foreign Controlled FCPFFC
S13     General Government GG
  S131     Central Government CGGG
  S132     Provincial Council PCGG
  S133     Local Government LGGG
  S134     Social Security Funds SSFGG
S14     Household   HH
  S141     Employers ERHH
  S142     Own Account workers OAHH
  S143     Employees EEHH
  S144     Recipients of property & transfer income RIHH
S15     NPISH     NPISH
  S151     National  Private NPISH NPNPISH
  S152     Foreign Controlled NPISH FCNPISH
S2     Rest of the world ROW