bpBasic priceThe basic price is the amount receivable by the producer from the purchaser for a unit of a good or service produced as output minus any tax payable, and plus any subsidy receivable, by the producer as a consequence of its production or sale. It excludes any transport charges invoiced separately by the producer.
ppPurchasers' priceThe Purchaser’s price is the amount paid by the purchaser, excluding any VAT or similar tax deductible by the purchaser, in order to take delivery of a unit of a good or service at the time and place required by the purchaser. The purchaser’s price of a good includes any transport charges paid separately by the purchaser to take delivery at the required time and place
mpMarket priceThe price includes all product taxes less subsidies
cup.Current priceThe price of the current period
cop.Constant priceThe price of the base period
Change and Growth
P2P changePoint to point changePercentage change compared to the same quarter of the previous year
P2P growthPoint to point growthPercentage growth compared to the same quarter of the previous year
Basic concepts
outp.OutputGross value of production (outp. = Price X Quantity)
ICIntermediate consumptionValue of intermediate uses to produce goods and services
VAValue addedValue Added is the newly generated value of production (VA = Outp. - IC)
def.DeflatorPrice change of the total production of an economic activity (Current price estimate/ constant price estimate * 100)
GDPGross Domestic ProductGDP is the total value added generated from all the economic activities (and by all the sectors) plus all taxes on products minus subsidies
PIRPrimary income receivedPrimary income received from rest of the world by selling primary resources of residence
PIPPrimary income paidPrimary income paid to the rest of the world for buying primary resources of non-residence
GNIGross National Income(GNI = GDP + PIR. - PIP.)
CFCConsumption of Fixed CapitalThe value allocated to the usage of fixed capital assets, (closer to the concept of depreciation)
NDPNet Domestic ProductNDP = GDP - CFC
NNINet National IncomeNNI = GNI - CFC
QQ estimatesQuarterly estimates
RPRevision policyEstimates of reference quarter are first released as “Provisional”. The provisional estimates are to be revised according to the well organized plan which refers “Revision Policy” when much accurate source data available.
RTRevision TriangleAccording to the revision policy, previously published growth rates as first release will be revised in several times. The magnitude of revisions and the revised dates of growth rates are presented using a “Revision Triangle” for the user’s convenience.
NFCNon-Financial Corporations
FCFinancial Corporations
GGGeneral Government
NPISHNon-Profit Institutions Serving Households
ROWRest of the World