Table KK: Abbreviations to be used with national accounts, SUT and SIOTs
A10GDP dissemination categories table proposed by SNA and ISIC
A38GDP dissemination categories table proposed by SNA and ISIC
A48GDP dissemination categories table proposed by DCS
A79GDP compilation categories table proposed by DCS
BOPBalance of payment
bp.Basic price
CBSLCentral Bank of Sri Lanka
CECompensation of employees
CFCConsumption of Fixed Capital
cif/fob_Adj.c.i.f/f.o.b adjustments
CIIChanges in inventory
COFOGClassification of the Functions of Government
COICOPClassification of Individual Consumption according to Purpose
cop.Constant price
CPCCentral Product Classification
cup.Current price
DCSDepartment of Census and Statistics
EGExports of Goods
ESExports of Services
FCFinancial Corporations
FISIMFinancial intermediary services indirectly measured
GCFGross Capital Formation
GDPGross Domestic Product
GFCE-Col.General Government Collective Final Consumption
GFCE-Ind.General Government Individual Final Consumption
GFCFGross fixed capital formation
GGGeneral Government
GNIGross National Income
GOSOperating Surplus, gross
GVAGross value added
HFCEHousehold final consumption expenditure
ICIntermediate consumption
IOTInput-Output table
ISICInternational Standard Industry Classification
MGImports of Goods
MIMixed Income
mp.Market price
MSImports of Services
NDPNet Domestic Product
NFCNon Financial Corporations
NNINet National Income
NOSOperating Surplus, net
NPISH-ENPISH's final consumption expenditure
P2P changePoint to point change
P2P growthPoint to point growth
PFCEPrivate final consumption expenditure (HFCE+NPISH-E)
PIPPrimary income paid
PIRPrimary income received
pp.Purchasers' price
Q2Q changeQuarter to quarter change
Q2Q growthQuarter to quarter growth
ROWRest of the world
RPRevision policy
SIOTSymmetric Input Output Table
SLSICSri Lankan Standard Industry Classification
SOESequence of accounts
SUTSupply and Use Table
tYear t
T&TTrade and transport margin
t+1Next year
t-1Previous year
TDSTotal domestic supply
TETotal exports
TFCTotal final consumption
TICTotal intermediate consumption
TMTotal Imports
TOTotal output
TS @ BPTotal Supply at basic price
TS @ PPTotal supply at punchers' price
TU @ BPTotal use at basic price
TU @ PPTotal use at purchaser price
TX-SUBTaxes less subsidies
VAValue added