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Stages of CPH2011

One of the first operational activities of the census is the preparation of the lists of administrative sub divisions of the country up to village level and to prepare a list of estates in the country.

The Census of Population and Housing 2011 (CPH2011) will be carried out in 4 stages.


1. Mapping Operation

2. Listing Operation

3. Conducting the Enumeration

3.1 Enumeration of usual residents

3.2 Enumeration of Homeless

3.3 Revision round of Enumeration


The Census Division of the DCS bears the overall responsibility of planning census activities while the Cartography Division is responsible for providing technical guidance and coordination of the mapping operation.

The DCS and District administrative hierarchy comprising of District Secretaries and Divisional Secretaries are responsible for field work organization. Assistance of Grama Niladharis is received in organizing and conducting field work at all stages of the Census operation.

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