Census of Agriculture - 2002
Sri Lanka
Small Holding Sector


This section of the website contains the statistical data on the aspects of operational holdings such as

  • Agricultural Holdings
  • Agricultural Operators
  • Extent Under Different Crops and Land Utilization
  • Livestock
  • Agricultual Machinery and Equipment

pertaining to the holdings above 40 perches (0.10 hectares) or produce of such holdings mainly devoted for sale purpose. These holdings were included under “Small Holdings Sector” in the Census of Agriculture 2002. In the statistical tables when size categories are presented, you may find holdings above 20 acres (above 8 hectares), still they are to be treated under the “Small Holdings Sector” because, in the instances where different parcels of the holdings may exceed 20 acres was considered as a small holding.

In the cases where the total area of one parcel is 20 acres or more, it was defined as an “Estate” or “Large Holding”. Those who are interested on statistics in respect of Estate sector should refer to “Report on Estate Sector”.

If you have ever used these data, please send an email to agriculture@statistics.gov.lk stating the relevance, usefulness, for what purpose you have used them and any additional data you wish to obtain in this aspect


The Census of Agriculture and Livestock is a large scale undertaking designed to

  • Collect and disaggregate statistical data at lower administrative division level needed for planning,
  • Establish benchmark data on the structure in order to evaluate the progress of agricultural sector
  • Prepare a frame of agricultural holdings, agricultural households etc. for the purpose of conduct of sample surveys during the intercensal period.

The Census of Agriculture and Livestock conducted during the period from August – October 2002 is the latest in the series of Censuses. The extent of land operated for the purpose of agricultural crops and livestock have been enumerated in this Census. Such agricultural land were grouped in to two categories viz.

(a) Small Holdings

(b) Estate or Large holdings

There were about 3.3 million holdings in the "Small Holdings sector" out of which 1.5 million was enumerated in the category of less than 40 perches in extent. The rest 1.8 million was found to be more than 40 perches or their produce is mainly devoted for sale purposes.

Analysing the whole lot of statistical information collected at the Census is undoubtedly time consuming task. However, the Department of Census and Statistics has taken steps towards disseminating some important statistical data time to time as and when they were made available. In this context, preliminary releases containing the basic information by district and DS/AGA division related to the holdings that are above 40 perches in extent or the produce devoted mainly for sale purposes were issued during the year 2003. Also a publication title on "Report on Estate Sector" giving detailed data was published during the year 2004.

The data presented here have been extracted by scanning and tabulating of about 1.8 million questionnaires related to small holding sector that are more than 40 perches or their produce is mainly devote for the sale purposes.

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