Quick Stats


Quick Stats is a tool which is aimed at providing easy and user-friendly graphical representation of data collected at the Census of Population and Housing 2012.

Quick Stats is designed for both users conversant in Census data analysis as well as for users who have prior knowledge in neither data tabulation nor mapping of Census data.

Quick Stats allows users to

  • draw maps and visualize them with figures
  • save maps and tables which can be used for secondary analysis or for presentations

Quick Stats now includes Preliminary data on Population based on District Commissioners Summaries. The Preliminary report is available in the DCS website.

Census data released according to the Data Dissemination Plan will be added to as and when they are released.

Users are requested to comment and make suggestions to improve this experimental tool. Send your comments to the developer on dilanpriyantha@sltnet.lk

District & DS Level information



Preliminary Report (Provisional)-1