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Staff Organization

Since 1946, DCS continue to utilize the services of the hierarchical organization of the district administration in planning the organization and administration of the operational part of the census. However, the final responsibility of planning and executing the census rests with the DCS.

The Director General of the Department of Census and Statistics is the Superintendent of Census and responsible for the entire census organization. Administrative responsibilities for taking of the census are decentralized and authority is vested with the government district administration and local body administration. In each district, the District Secretary/ Government Agent is appointed as the Commissioner of Census for the district while Divisional Secretaries and Assistant Divisional Secretaries serve as Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners of Census in their respective Divisional Secretariat Divisions. The statistics branches in the district secretariats under the administrative control of the respective District Secretary, and under the overall supervision of the Census Division of the DCS, are responsible for census operation in each district.

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