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Census data user meeting
The DCS conducted a Census data user meeting which was attended by about 120 data users from governmental, non-governmental and international organizations. Mr. Udaya Seneviratne, Deputy Secretary to the Treasury, Ministry of Finance was the Chief Guest of the occasion. The active participation and the comments/suggestions of the participants added to the success of the event.
The DCS would like to thank all the participants and their respective organizations for their contribution towards the success of the User Meeting.
Further Improvements to the draft questionnaire/census schedule made at the Meeting: »
Organizations/Individuals participated »
Further Improvements to the draft questionnaire/census schedule made at the Meeting:
Question No Question Made Improvement/s
P13 Reason for Migrating to this district Add new pre code as “Resettlement after displaced”
P17 Education Attainment Add new pre code as “PhD” to identity PhD holders separately
P18 Professional/Vocational Qualification

Add new sub question to identity the NVQ(National Vocational Qualification) holders
P18b:Are you a “NVQ” holder?

H5 Principal type of lighting

Expand pre codes u to 6 and Descriptions of pre codes changed according to user’s requirements.
i) Electricity - National Grid
ii) Electricity - Rural/Power stations/Mini hydro
iii) Bio Gas

M9 Existing communication and Internal Access Facilities

Changed sub question no 7 with the view of improve the idea of the question. “Access to Internet out side the housing unit?”

U3 Type of structure

Expanded pre code “1-single house”, to provide more details of the house.
such that,
i)   single house- no storied
ii)  single house-two storied
iii) single house – more than 2 storied

Organizations/Individuals participated
  A Ministries
  1 Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Empowerment
  2 Ministry of Community Development and Social Inequity Eradication
  3 Ministry of Education
  4 Ministry of Finance and Planning
  5 Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
  6 Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare
  7 Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition
  8 Ministry of Mass Media and Information
  9 Ministry of Plan Implementation
  10 Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs
  11 Ministry of Rural Industries and Self Employment Promotion
  12 Ministry of Science and Technology
  13 Ministry of Transport
  14 Ministry of Youth Affairs
  15 Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources
  16 Ministry of Plantation Industries
  B Departments
  17 Department of Agriculture
  18 Department of Examinations
  19 Department of Fiscal Policy
  20 Department of Management Services
  21 Department of National Planning
  22 Department of Probation & Child Care Services
  23 Department of the Commissioner General of Samurdhi
  24 Land Commissioner General's Department
  25 Registrar General's Department
  C Statutory Boards
  26 Financial Commission
  27 Industrial Development Board of Ceylon(IDB)
  28 Institute for Health Policy ( IHP)
  29 Institute of Construction Training and Development (ICTAD)
  30 Institute of Policy Studies(IPS)
  31 Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka(MASL)
  32 National Child Protection Authority (NCPA)
  33 National Institute of Social Development
  34 National Science Foundation (NSF)
  35 National Water supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB)
  36 Road Development Authority (RDA)
  37 Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment
  38 Statistics Department, Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL)
  39 Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRC)
  40 Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC)
  41 Urban Development Authority (UDA)
  42 Public Utilities Commission
  43 Family Health Bureau
  D District Secretariats
  44 District Secretariat, Anuradhapura
  45 District Secretariat, Colombo
  46 District Secretariat, Kalutara
  47 District Secretariat, Ratnapura
  48 District Secretariat, Galle
  E Provincial Councils
  49 Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council
  50 Uva Provincial Council
  51 Western Provincial Council 
  52 Southern Provinsal Council
  G International Organizations
  53 UNFPA Sri Lanka Office
  54 UNICEF Sri Lanka Office
  55 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  56 HABITAT Sri Lanka Office
  F Universities and Others
  57 Department of Demography, University of Colombo
  58 Prof. Indralal De Silva - Faculty of Art,University of Colombo.
  59 Prof. K.A.P. Siddhisena -Department of Demography, University of Colombo
  60 Dr. S. Ananda Meegama - Former Director of UNSIAP
  61 Mr. S. Sangarapillai - Former Director of DCS
  62 Mr. W.M.R.B. Korale - Former Director of DCS
  63 National Secretariat for Elders
  64 Centre for Women's Reasearch




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