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Consultancy mission by Dr. Sam Suharto to assist the DCS in determining the method of enumeration
2009.03.16 to 20
A consultancy mission was carried out from 16 to 20 March 2009 by Dr. Sam Suharto, former head of the National Statistical Office in Indonesia and subsequently of United Nations Statistics Division to assist the Department of Census and Statistics in determining the method of enumeration to be adopted at the next census.
The DCS had concerns about the de facto method of enumeration used so far in Sri Lankan censuses. In addition to the operational issues faced by the DCS, regional administrators were highly concerned about the final de facto population counts as they showed drastically high figures especially in urban areas where people’s movement during census period were hard to restrict. Therefore the DCS has requested financial assistance from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to employ an expert in the field to advice on the most suitable method of enumeration to be adopted at the CPH2011 which will capture total population without omission or duplication.
After careful consideration of international best practices as well as after conducting several discussions with the technical staff of the DCS, Dr. Suharto recommended a mix method of enumeration to be adopted at the CPH2011. 




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