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Enumeration Stage on, February – March 2012
Media briefing on Enumeration stage of Census of Population and Housing was held on the 4th January 2012 at the auditorium of the Department of Government Information.

Main objective of this briefing was to inform the time period and the methodology of conducting the enumeration stage of Census of Population and Housing.

The importance of the cooperation of the general public for the successful completion of the Census was emphasized.

The Media briefing was chaired by Director General of the Department of Census and Statistics Mrs. D.B.P.Suranjana Vidyarathna and Directors Mr. H.R.Gunasekara, Mr. G.Y.L. Fernando, Mr. D.C.A. Gunawardhana, Mr. W.M.G.M. Bandara and higher officers of the department were participated at this event.
Media Announcement:
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Enumeration Stage




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