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News and Events

  • Web site of the NCMS is launched with the intention of publishing data and reports of the NCMS as well as other news and information of the centre. NCMS is grateful if the viewers would feedback with their views and suggestions. Please leave your comments at miginfo@statistics.gov.lk.
  • A workshop on Collection, Maintaining and Dissemination of Migration Statistics was organized by the IOM with collaboration of DCS which was held on 13th May.2008 at the Hotel Intercontinental. Many representatives from the stakeholders of the NCMS participated to the event.
  • Opening ceremony of the National Centre for Migration Statistics was held on 30th January 2008 at the Department of Census and Statistics with the participation of several senior government officials and delegates from several international institutions. The centre was officially opened by the Director General of the DCS she was thankful for the IOM for the assistance for this project.