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Methodology of Data Collection System

The National Centre for Migration Statistics is an out come of an in-depth study done by the Department of Census and Statistics.  The study was done in 2007, to identify current migration data collection practices in Sri Lanka, prevailing gaps and constraints and identifying types of data to be collected from each institution.

Based on the study, stakeholder institutions were requested to contribute with available data and data capturing formats were been sent to above agencies. In order to expedite and strengthen the collecting process, a steering committee wii be set up and meets once in every 3 months.

In order to strengthen the data collection mechanism of each institution, a “ System Specification Requirement “ study has been done in 2008. Based on the study, system modifications and improvements have been done to develop and collect data which is not readily available. Subsequently Embarkation and Disembarkation Card was redesigned to facilitate data requirement for NCMS. All the collected data have been transferred to NCMS periodically and the NCMS carries out detailed analysis and generate reports.