Unit : Rate

Definition :

Labour Force :  The labour force is composed of the economically active population 10 years of age and over.

The Economically Active Population : is defined as those persons who are / were employed or unemployed during the reference period of the survey.

Employed : Persons who during the reference period worked as paid employees, employers, own account workers (self employed), or unpaid family workers are said to be employed. This includes persons with a job but not at work during the reference period.

Unemployed : Persons who are seeking and available for work , but had no employment during the reference period.

Reference  period “current” : The week  preceding the week of the survey; i.e. last week.
















Limitation :

1. Minimum age is important considering economically active and it is considered as 10 years and above for Labour Force Survey, Sri Lanka.

2. Currently active population is based on short reference period such as one week or one day. It is considered as one week for Labour Force Survey, Sri Lanka.

 Source : Labour Force Survey (Quarterly), Department of Census & Statistics.