Unit                                           :     Ratio / Percentage


Definition                               :     Volume of rice produced locally as a percentage of total requirements for consumption



X 100




Method of computation   :




Total production of paddy – (Seeds requirement + Post harvest loses)

X 68




TR  =

Mid-year population X PCC









                                                                                    SSRR: Self Sufficiency Rate of Rice

                                                                                    RAL: Rice availability from local source

                                                                                    TR: Total requirement of rice for a given year

                                                                                    PCC: Per capita consumption




Limitations                             :     Total requirement of rice is estimated as a product of mid-year population and estimated per capita consumption of rice.  Per capita consumption (PCC) is obtained based on the Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) conducted by the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) ad-hoc basis.  As such factors influencing to consumption are treated as constant.



Source                                      :     Total production of paddy, Bi-annual survey on Paddy, DCS

                                                          Per capita consumption of Rice, HIES, DCS

                                                          Mid-year population, Registrar General’s Department


Coverage                                 :     National


Reference period                :     Calendar year