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Gender Statistics : Publications


Women and Men in Sri Lanka-1995

This first publication with gender disaggregated data was released in 1995. Prepared with the financial and technical assistance of ESCAP and UNIFEM under the project on “Improving gender Statistics”, this publication includes data tables as well as graphical presentations whenever salient features and gender based issues are required to be highlighted.


Changing role of Women and men in Sri Lanka-1997

This report which could be considered as a supplement to the first publication contains an analysis of changing trends in the status and role of Women in Sri Lanka. This report attempts to shown the position of Sri Lanka relative to selected countries in respect of certain critical indicators.


The Sri Lankan Woman- Partner in Progress 2007

This publication was prepared on the request of the Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Empowerment which was keen to obtain gender disaggregated data on status of Women as the situation has changed rapidly during the decade since the previous publication. This report was published with the financial support from UNFPA.


The Sri Lankan Woman-Partner in Progress 2014

Out of the total population of 20.3 million (as per the Census of Population and Housing conducted in 2012) 51.6 percent consisted of women who play a prominent role in the economic, political, environmental and socio-cultural sustainability. Preparation of this fourth publication was entrusted with the Department of Census and Statistics by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

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