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All tables in this publication are given in Sinhala,Tamil and English language

            This is the 51st edition of the Statistical Abstract of which the first issue was published in 1949. The aim of the Statistical Abstract is to present a number of statistical tables on a wide range of subject fields providing statistical information on the Country’s Population, Employment, Agriculture, Education, Trade, Industry, Climate, Communication, Social Condition etc.

            Every effort was made by the department to ensure that the information in the official Statistical Abstract of Sri Lanka is as comprehensive, clear and up to date as limitations of time and space allow. In order to help researchers, a series of data covering several years are given wherever possible. The information in this issue has been revised and brought up to date to cover as far as possible the year 2013.

             This publication has been prepared by the Publications division and headed by Deputy Director Mr. M.D. Sunil Senanayake under the guidance of Mr. W.W.M.A.S. Premakumara the Additional Director General of the Census and Statistics.

           The preparation of this book and the verification of the data included in the report was carried out by Statistical Officer Mrs. K.A.R. Deepthi Kumari Statistical Assistant Chandi Chamilapremi under the supervision of Staistician. Mr. H.T. Fonseka

           This publication owes much to the assistance and co-operation of Ministries, Government Departments and other Organizations. I wish to express my appreciation to all divisions of the department for providing data for their valuable Co-operation.

           It was profound assistance from the staff in the Publications Division to publish this report promptly and successfully.

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